Newborn Kitties

One of my best friends recently trapped a stray cat outside & the day after she gave birth to these adorable kittens. I just couldn't resist photographing these little milk drunk babies so they could find homes.


I recently took a trip to Mammoth with my best friend. So nice to get away for a bit. No work with little cell service. I love the snow - I wear too much black for summer. Besides sleeping in & loving the weather you know we had to do a few mini shoots.

14th Factory

Last month my best friend & I visited 14th Factory. It's probably one of my favorite - if not my favorite - art instillation I've ever seen. It's the largest instillation to be brought overseas & is over 150K square feet of art. Creator Simon Birch says “It’s art, but it’s beyond a museum and beyond art because it’s an experience for the audience very much like Alice falling pretty much into a contemporary art wonderland.”