This new photo series is very dear to me. Death has always fascinated me. When I first came across the photographs, I was told these photographs were meant to show death isn’t something to be afraid of yet most people are. I think people fear the unknown but what’s scarier than death is living. People leave and you’re stuck dealing with the aftermath.

I titled the series Interlude because these photographs are the in between. Life has ended but your body still remains. No one has said goodbye. This crude matter hasn’t been buried. Life is at a standstill until the next chapter begins.

Every thing in the photographs is real. It’s life. It’s the side people like to ignore but death is a natural part of life. All the photographs are taken by someone else but this person has trusted me enough to be involved in the production of the final pieces. I hope at some point the viewers will come to realize you must let go of the thing you fear the most.