Drops of Jupiter

There are very few people in this world I would do maternity/newborn photos for. I'm not very traditional & all the girly stuff isn't my photography style. One of my best friends, Amber, had her first baby earlier this year. She named him Jupiter. I went over this afternoon to finally meet him & of course photographs had to be taken but if you know either of us they weren't going to be girly. We're alternative. We have style. Fuck, she named him Jupiter! Not something like Bob. 

I love this girl to death & I'm so happy to share a few images from this afternoon with her, Jupiter & her fur baby Harmony. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to trade in your combat boots & leather jacket. It just means you have to put them on after the baby puts on theirs.

"It's Vegan lipstick, do you think I could kiss him, too?"