Heaven on Earth

Somewhere in the beginning of my college years I met Shaq & MaQuis. Throughout the years they both have come to be important people in my life for different reasons. When I first found out they were expecting, I think I was more excited than anything to find out potential names. Just like our mutual friend Amber, I knew this pregnancy would have so much creativity & love surrounding it that it would be special. Shaq and & I graduated college together in March & she told me she wanted me to do her maternity photos. I felt so honored. Not just because MaQuis is a photographer as well but because I consider myself a portrait & location photographer. Maternity isn't my forte but I can't resist when I have such gorgeous friends with style. Therefore, below are a few of my favorite images taken this morning before the little one joins us all.  As Shaq said "Now did you really expect me to sit in a garden and hold my belly while wearing white?". So prepare for mama urban chic.