Considering I'm going to Comic Con for the next few days I'm trying to be completely caught up on all my work so I'm not stressing when I'm supposed to be having fun. This morning I went through the few images I took last week while in Savannah. History is one of my favorite things and when I can group that together with photography it's even better. I actually slightly dislike when people just discuss slavery in the United States as history only because there is so much more to history but that seems to be the only thing people know or discuss about. However, I obviously centered my shoot in Savannah around that. I've never really photographed that part of history but I couldn't help myself with limited time there. I found this cemetery in Savannah that's one of the oldest cemeteries in the city with the south side of the cemetery being designated towards slaves/free slaves.  Cemeteries are actually some of my favorite places to visit. I find them so beautiful, especially the way graves start to fall apart. We try so hard to make our final resting place be our last big bang. Anyways, below is also Calhoun Square. A square in Savannah that underneath is an estimates 1,000 buried slaves. I find it so fascinating because there isn't a sign anywhere. People were sitting in the park. One woman was even walking her dog. It looked like any other part of the city but really it isn't. Well hope you all enjoy.