On my 18th birthday I decided to take a photograph of myself. I had entered into adulthood according to the law & I had just spent 3 hours getting my first tattoo. That was the moment it all began. The following year, I thought it would be fun to do the same thing. Next thing you know I'm turning 23 this week & I did another birthday photoshoot. It's turned into something more and more each year. I spend months thinking of the perfect outfit, theme, location, idea. My mind explodes expressing where I am in life, in my creativity & personal style. This year I had planned on wearing a black bodysuit corset that unfortunately didn't fit and came 2 days prior to my shoot date - the only day I had available to shoot. My boss was amazing enough to let me borrow an item from the wardrobe closet at work. At the time I had no idea what I would borrow until I walked in and the first thing I actually saw was my favorite dress that she owns. It was like it was meant to be. I struggle on a daily basis with my appearance & this outfit honestly made me feel so pretty. One of my best friends, Bronte was able to help accompany me just like she has every year for my birthday photoshoot & help with making my vision come to life. I'm excited to turn 23 in a few days. To enter into a new chapter of my life. I honestly feel 23 is the year for me. I've learned so much about myself these past few months. My clothing style has changed & I feel more comfortable in that sense. Anyways, here are the photos I am very much proud of.