For the longest time I've wanted to drive up the Manzanar. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive from LA and most people don't even know it exists but it holds such significance in our history. The closest city is Indepdence and it's in the middle of no where. You're driving and the next thing you know you take a left turn where a sign says "Manzanar - left". There isn't anything for miles.

Over 110,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated here during WWll. The 500 acre housing was surrounded by wire and had eight guard towers. Outside the fence was 5,500 acres that was for military housing and sewage treatment. Any combination of 8 individuals were housed in a 20x25 foot room. November 21, 1945 the camp closed and in 1992 the site was established as a National Historic Site.